Once having started as a small, family-owned business in Tequila, Mexico, DeMejico found quick success catering to restoration architects in need of genuine, Colonial style reproductions. For almost 20 years, this highly sought-after technique gave DeMejico the distinguished privilege in furnishing some of the finest homes south of the border. This approach, with unique ability to utilize modern tools alongside classic crafting techniques, initiated DeMejico to expand into an internationally known, woodworking and wrought iron project-building business.

        Today, DeMejico has planted its rustic roots in Southern California, where they currently furnish, decorate, and exclusively build for homes, businesses, and special events all over the United States. Whether you’re looking to simply adorn a small room or fully revamp your home with a custom themed design, the DeMejico family will help coordinate every step of the way, from preparing your personalized designs, to the delivery and installation process.
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